Sophia Culpo Opens Up About Breakup And Facing ‘Betrayal’ From Braxton Berrios

Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios

Sophia Culpo’s romance with NFL star Braxton Berrios seems to be over, and here is why:

Culpo and her sister Aurora discussed her breakup on TikTok a few weeks ago. While she did not provide any details, it was undoubtedly a surprising move that her followers did not anticipate. Sophia spoke all about her split with Berrios in a recent Instagram Q&A.

Sophia Culpo Opens Up About Her Breakup With Braxton Berrios

In the Q&A session on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, the 26-year-old influencer addressed her recent breakup. Sophia Culpo originally said her relationship with the football star had ended in a TikTok video with her elder sister Aurora last month, after he secured a new contract with the Miami Dolphins.

When a fan inquired, “Are you able to talk about your breakup?” she revealed she hasn’t really accepted the loss of her relationship.

“I haven’t addressed this because it’s been really hard to come to terms with and process. I’ll say that it didn’t end well or honestly. A lot of trust was broken. But I have an amazing support system and I appreciate everyone’s love and support so, so much. This community never fails to amaze me.”

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Because their relationship was public on social media, the Instagram model said she understood the speculation about their breakup. She also claimed that the mental anguish she experienced as a result of the breakup resulted in “unintentional” weight loss.

“But I do know that I shared my relationship with you guys so it makes sense that there are questions about why this person is no longer in my life. I know that I’ve lost a lot of weight. It’s not intentional. The betrayal in my last relationship just really took a toll on me, but I have the most amazing support system.”

Though she has yet to fully process the split, Culpo expressed gratitude to her family and friends for their support during this difficult time.

“I have the most amazing family and friends and I’m really grateful that I’m even able to pick myself up and move myself to a new place on my own. So, there are a lot of things that I am grateful for… I don’t wish what I went through on my anybody. I really, really don’t and I’m trying my best to just take the high road here.”

Sophia Culpo continued, “I appreciate everyone’s love and support, I really do. It means a lot to me. Us girls’ girls gotta stick together and one day I will share all the lessons that I’ve learned.”

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After receiving words of support, she posted a follow-up message on her Instagram story, writing, “I’m overwhelmed in the best way with so much love, positivity, and encouragement. I don’t know why I was so ashamed to talk about it but I learned that’s a normal response to what I’m going through. Anyone who’s been lied to or cheated on can relate to feeling embarrassed, ashamed, confused, and all the emotions that come with it.”

“So anyone else struggling *with anything* – talk about it,” she said, implying that Braxton Berrios had cheated on her.

Olivia Culpo re-posted the follow-up comment on Instagram, writing, “Proud of you [white heart emoji] @sophiaculpo.”

More About Their Relationship And Split

Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios began dating in 2020 after meeting a few times, but they only publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2021.

According to Deuxmoi, the model ended her relationship with the NFL player in March of this year because Braxton Berrios cheated on Culpo with TikTok influencer Alix Earle. “Can confirm Braxton broke up with Sophia after meeting Alix Earle and they are now hooking up. They either met at Pegasus Horse Race in Miami or Myles Shear’s birthday party.”

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