Rob Lowe Reveals The Keys To His 31 Year Marriage To Sheryl Berkoff

Rob Lowe Reveals The Keys To His 31 Year Marriage

Rob Lowe and his wife have been married for a very long time, and the actor recently discussed the secret to their longevity in an interview.

It’s patently obvious that Hollywood is a hotbed for romantic drama. Short-lived relationships and separations are the norms. He and his wife, Sheryl, have been together for about 32 years and are parents to two boys. Rob Lowe, star of “Unstable,” has been married for almost three decades and is eager to reveal some of the secrets that have helped keep his marriage strong.

Rob Lowe Reveals The Keys To His 31 Year Marriage

Rob Lowe, a seasoned actor and member of the 1980s’ Brat Pack, recently discussed the secret to his happy marriage to make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff for 31 years.

During the latest episode of Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi on iHeartRadio, the 59-year-old actor spoke about his personal experiences with finding the right partner and how it leads to lasting love.

He just shared a touching Instagram photo commemorating their 31st wedding anniversary, albeit they’ve only been married since 1991.

He wrote, “Happy 31st Anniversary, baby. Your love has made my world. You are as beautiful, knowledgeable, fascinating, kind, and hilarious as you were so many glorious years ago. Partners in love for life!”

His Take On A Healthy Marriage

He continued by saying that a good marriage is difficult in any modern society, not just Hollywood, on the iHeartRadio show hosted by Bruce Bozzi.

“It is not just Hollywood, it’s everywhere. Marriage is hard.… It can be hard – marriage is not hard. If it were hard, nobody would do it. It can be hard. And will be hard.”

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He explained to Bozzi what has made his 31-year marriage to make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff so successful.

“I have a couple of thoughts. It’s all about who you choose.… Sheryl was and is my best friend. So if you marry for anything other than the fact that it’s your best friend, you’re at a disadvantage from the jump. ‘Cause that will sustain when the other stuff ebbs and flows.”

Forgiveness was also an important part of his marriage.

“People say marriage takes work. I’m not sure if it takes work.… But what it does take is forgiveness. And being really cognizant of what hill you’re willing to die on.”

He advised couples to remain in the room for one another.

“You definitely have to stay in the room. And then I think there is a sense maybe on the outside when one looks at a long marriage and goes ‘Oh, it’s been – they’re blessed.’ True. ‘And it’s a perfect marriage.’ There’s nothing that’s perfect.”

“I think the minute things go south for whatever reason it could be… many many many reasons, I think people can go, ‘Oh, I knew it. This, this is bad. This is a mistake. That marriages don’t work.’ Everybody has those dark periods,” he spoke.

“When they come, and they do, just like a career, everyone has periods where it’s not happenin’ like you would like it.… Life is like that, it’s ebbs and flows.… You just can’t bail on the ebbs. ‘Cause eventually it’ll turn around if you’re with the right person.”

He continues by saying that it’s crucial to maintain a relationship’s physical attraction over time.

“You need the heat, for sure. If you don’t have the heat… and that’s a chemical thing. That’s like I still have it with Sheryl.… You got to keep the heat. By the way that comes and goes too. There are days, there are times when you’re just like ‘Uhhh,’ and then all of a sudden you’re just wild for somebody. It’s one of the great human mysteries.”

Robert Lowe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. His parents were Barbara, a teacher, and Charles “Chuck” Davis Lowe, a trial lawyer. When Lowe and his younger brother Chad were very little, their parents had a divorce. That may be the turning moment in his life and it may have been when he realized the value of his marriage, not just to himself and his partner but also to the wonderful future they would create for their children.

In 1991, Lowe and Sheryl tied the knot and have been together ever since. In 1983, they went on a blind date and later crossed paths again while filming Lowe’s Bad Influence. He co-stars in “Unstable” with his son John Owen, 28, and they have a 29-year-old son named Matthew.

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