MCU Thunderbolts: Ayo Edebiri In A Mystery Role??

MCU Thunderbolts: Ayo Edebiri

Ayo Edebiri, well known for her portrayal in “The Bear,” has recently joined the cast of “MCU Thunderbolts” in an unspecified part. Let’s examine the possibility of her becoming a mystery member from the original comic.

MCU Thunderbolts Mystery Member

According to sources, Ayo Edebiri has taken on a new challenge after joining forces with a new team. The gifted actress, who recently portrayed one of the culinary masterminds behind a Chicago sandwich shop in FX’s hit seriesThe Bear,’ is now gearing up for her next big adventure.

The Marvel Thunderbolts ensemble has expanded with the inclusion of Ayo Edebiri and we are yet to know which part she is playing.

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David Harbour returns as Red Guardian, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Wyatt Russell as US Agent, Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost, Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine star in the forthcoming film.

Her Initiatives & Successes:

First, the critical acclaim which led her to a Critics Choice Award nomination was just the commencement for Ayo Edebiri, who sparkled as the dynamic Sydney Adamu in “The Bear“.

The show recounts the journey of a young chef, played by the outstanding Jeremy Allen White of “Shameless US,” who returns to his hometown of Chicago after a sad loss to reopen his family’s sandwich restaurant. “The Bear” became a veritable feast for the senses because of Edebiri’s mesmerizing presence as Adamu.

A Little Brief About The MCU Thunderbolts:

The latest Marvel tentpole will be directed by Jake Schreier. The script is being written by Black Widow-Schreiber Eric Pearson, with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige producing.

The premise of the film is unknown, however like the comics, it must surely center around a bunch of criminals who are dispatched on government-commissioned missions.

It’s no doubt that the Thunderbolts squad in their next MCU Thunderbolts film is distant from its iconic comic book lineup, with none of the band’s founders, including comic book team founder Baron Zemo, present.

Can You Guess Her Character??

There is a chance that Ayo Edebiri will portray a team member with comic book links. When we glance at the female heroes with long-standing links to the Thunderbolts, there are several characters who can jump out as potential frontrunners for Edebiri’s role.

We are certain that, with her ability and flexibility, she seems to be the ideal choice to bring these famous icons to life.

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MCU Thunderbolts Characters:


As we consider the options for Ayo Edebiri’s comic book character, one name pops out as quite likely: Songbird. Songbird, formerly known as Screaming Mimi of the Masters of Evil, is a formidable figure who has the ability to harness sound and mold it into solid structures.

She was a founding member of the MCU Thunderbolts and later became an Avenger after opposing Baron Zemo. Songbird is a logical fit for Edebiri’s broad range and aptitude, with her exceptional powers and captivating narrative.

Songbird is a fan-favorite character yet with a poor reputation; her struggle to become a top-level hero mirrors Edebiri’s portrayal of the ambitious chef on “The Bear,” as a motivated and likable figure.

Likewise, her popularity among certain comic book fans provides conventional validity to the MCU Thunderbolts unit, making her an essential addition to the universe. As a consequence, she stands a good chance of getting cast as the Songbird.


Jolt’s showy electrical abilities make her an ideal complement to the MCU Thunderbolts as they move from criminals in disguise to actual heroes. Jolt offers young energy to the MCU team as one of the first heroes to join after their betrayal of Baron Zemo.

However, because of her Japanese origin, it is quite likely that Marvel will select a Japanese actor in the role, cementing her link to the Thunderbolts’ comic book beginnings. Even if it is exceedingly unlikely, anything is possible.


Thunderbolt Meteorite, secretly Moonstone in the MCU Thunderbolts, in her Masters of Evil disguise, had remarkable abilities like super strength, flight, intangibility, and energy manipulation, even impersonating Carol Danvers in the original Dark Avengers.

Edebiri’s humorous background and endearing acting style, on the other hand, may stand in striking contrast to Meteorite/image of Moonstone as a cunning and cruel psychological manipulator. Although this sort of position is within Edebiri’s ability, it may not fully highlight her strengths.

Additional Characters:

During the comic book event plot Civil War, the Thunderbolts roster included dozens of additional characters, including several superheroes.

It’s conceivable that the role she’ll portray in the future Thunderbolts film, which will be released in July 2024, maybe less iconically linked to the team than others, but will still have a connection to the Thunderbolts. Let us be patient till then.

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