Lorde’s Raw Open Letter to Fans: Sharing Her Emotional Struggles and Constant Pain

Lorde's Raw Open Letter to Fans

Lorde’s letter shares her emotional and physical struggles, connecting with fans on a deeper way.

Lorde’s Raw Open Letter to Fans

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde recently shared a heartfelt message on her Tumblr, opening up about her struggles with heartbreak, both emotional and physical, and hinting at a potential breakup. She expressed a desire to communicate with her audience candidly and honestly.

Lorde described her heartache as something familiar yet different, causing constant pain that she sometimes forgets but then remembers. She emphasized her willingness to confront and move with this pain, recognizing the beauty in acknowledging it. However, there are moments when she feels weary of being alone with her thoughts.

Lorde's Raw Open Letter to Fans
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In addition to emotional pain, Lorde mentioned experiencing physical distress, with inflammation in her body and various health issues. She noted her challenges in listening to her body, an aspect she has been trying to learn this year but has found confronting. She reflected on times when she ignored her body’s signals, shamed it for its responses, and relied on medication to push through.

Lorde shared that she has been leading an isolated life in London since May, emphasizing the clarity she finds in solitude. However, she expressed missing her friends and family and a growing longing for their presence.

Despite her initial plans to attend Paris Fashion Week, Lorde decided not to go, as she wanted to remain true to herself and not fake a smile in the spotlight. She did embark on a European festival tour this summer.

Lorde's Raw Open Letter to Fans
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The singer underscored her need to create music and the transformative power it holds for her. She acknowledged that the process of confronting her emotions and expressing them in her music can be painful but ultimately liberating. She looked forward to transitioning into a new phase in her life, even though it’s challenging when she’s in the midst of it.

Lorde also used her message to raise awareness for The Kindness Institute, a Māori mental health organization that lost government funding. She encouraged fans and those with connections to consider supporting the organization.

In conclusion, Lorde asked her fans to take care of themselves and assured them that, despite the challenges, she still finds moments of laughter and is on a mission of self-recovery. She signed the letter with “E,” her real name being Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor.

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