Lady A’s Charles Kelley Shares Insights on His Journey to Sobriety

Lady A's Charles Kelley Shares His Journey to Sobriety

Lady A’s Charles Kelley Opens Up About His Journey to Sobriety, Revealing How Rehab Helped Him Conquer His Fears.

Kelley recently shared insights into his journey to sobriety, which prompted the band to postpone a tour. “I lived one way for so long, and now I’m finding so much more purpose,” Kelley revealed. Hillary Scott chimed in, saying, “You’re just living so open-hearted.”

Lady A’s Charles Kelley Shares His Journey to Sobriety

In a recent interview with CBS Mornings’ Gayle King, Lady A’s Charles Kelley, aged 41, candidly discussed his journey towards sobriety. He emphasized that there are various levels of alcoholism, and one doesn’t have to reach extreme circumstances to be considered an alcoholic.

Kelley, who spent a month in a rehab facility last year, stated, “What I’ve learned is, there’s degrees of alcoholics.” He went on to explain that it’s important to recognize that alcoholism can progress even without reaching the stereotypical image of someone “living on the street” or “waking up in a bush.”

Lady A's Charles Kelley Shares His Journey to Sobriety
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Kelley also admitted that he had attempted to quit drinking in the past but had been reluctant to seek rehab due to fear. Ultimately, rehab became the solution that helped him on his path to recovery.

During his interview, Kelley continued to share his personal journey to sobriety. He revealed that he had initially resisted the idea of rehab, fearing that it was meant for individuals in dire circumstances. He explained, “I was scared to death, I had several people and several therapists suggest it, and I said, ‘No, I will never, ever go into a rehab facility, that’s for people who wake up in the morning and…'” Gayle King, the interviewer, chimed in, asking if it was for those who were “on the sidewalk,” and Kelley concurred, saying, “Yeah, they’re pouring up.”

Kelley went on to describe how he manages his alcoholism today by actively seeking help. He attends group meetings with fellow alcoholics, has a case manager, and uses a device to monitor his alcohol consumption, which he explained is not just for himself but also for the sake of his wife, his bandmates, and everyone else who cares about him. He believes that gradually rebuilding trust through these efforts will eventually make such measures unnecessary.

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Charles Kelley’s wife, Cassie, played a significant role in his journey to sobriety. The couple has a 7-year-old son named Ward, and Cassie expressed her pride in her husband for the effort he has put into his recovery. During the interview, she spoke about her feelings of pride and support for Charles.

Lady A's Charles Kelley Shares His Journey to Sobriety
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Last August, Lady A, which includes members Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, made a difficult decision to postpone their upcoming tour to 2023 to support Kelley’s journey to sobriety. They emphasized the importance of family and their commitment to one another in their statement, stating that they are not just a band but a family. They acknowledged Charles’s decision to seek sobriety as a significant step.

Lady A’s statement highlighted their commitment to supporting Charles Kelley’s journey to sobriety and emphasized the importance of their family-like bond as a band. They acknowledged that taking this time to focus on their well-being and the recovery process is essential for their future as a group. The band expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of their fans.

Lady A’s tour is scheduled to begin on May 12 in Indio, California. For individuals or anyone who knows someone struggling with substance abuse, they provided the SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-HELP as a resource for seeking help and support.

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