Justin Bieber Cancels Justice World Tour remaining dates Prioritizing his health

Justin Bieber Cancels Justice World Tour

Justin Bieber Cancels Justice World Tour: After facing health challenges throughout the year, the pop icon has chosen to cancel the remaining 70 shows of his Justice World Tour. Originally set to conclude in March 2023, the tour will no longer continue. Read More…

Justin Bieber Cancels Justice World Tour

International fans of Justin Bieber, also known as “Beliebers,” may be disappointed to hear that the singer has decided to cancel all remaining dates on his Justice World Tour.

CNN reports that the tour had already been postponed last year due to health concerns, but now it seems that Bieber will not be able to make it “All Around The World” anytime soon.

Bieber explained in an Instagram video that he is canceling upcoming shows because he is physically unable to perform due to extensive facial paralysis. This is causing frustration for some of his fans.

After resuming his tour in July, the singer of the album “Purpose” took to Twitter to announce that he would be taking another break in September, citing the toll that the European concerts had taken on him.

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After a performance in Brazil, he stated that he was overwhelmed with exhaustion, prompting Justin Bieber cancels Justice World Tour prioritizing his health.

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Bieber recently sold his entire music catalog to Hipgnosis Song Fund, a U.K. investment company, for $200 million. Selling one’s music catalog can have several reasons, such as tax benefits, estate planning, or concerns regarding streaming revenues.

However, the recent trend of musicians selling their catalogs may be due to the pandemic’s impact on touring and the loss of income from cancellations. Given the high cost of touring, it would not be surprising if the refunds offered for the Justice World Tour played a role in Bieber’s decision to sell his catalog.

(Justin Bieber Cancels Justice World Tour)

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