How many Chainsaw Man volumes are there? Unraveling it’s Fascinating Story: Volumes, Plot, and Characters

How many Chainsaw Man volumes are there?

Wondering how many Chainsaw Man volumes are there? Unravel the captivating world of ‘Chainsaw Man’. Explore volumes, plot twists, and unforgettable characters in this thrilling manga series.

Welcome to an in-depth look at “Chainsaw Man,” the highly renowned manga series by Fujimoto Tatsuki.

Here, we will go into the enthralling world of Chainsaw Man, looking at how many volumes have been published, an overview of the narrative, and a detailed look at some of the important characters that make this series really special.

Unraveling the Fascinating Story of Chainsaw Man

In the universe of “Chainsaw Man,” humans and demons cohabit. These nefarious monsters prowl the darkness, preying on unwary people. As devil hunters are entrusted with defending humans from these supernatural dangers, the existence of demons has created a permanent state of danger and anxiety.

How many Chainsaw Man volumes are there?

Chainsaw Man has 14 tankbon volumes as of the most recent update, as of April 2023 . Each book adds to the growing story by adding exciting plotlines and fascinating characters. Since its introduction, the manga’s popularity has expanded tremendously, garnering readers from all over the globe.

In December 2018, the series started serialisation in Weekly Shonen Jump, and the first book was published on March 4, 2019. Volume 11, the most recent volume, was published in Japan on June 4, 2021. Viz Media publishes the English-language version of the manga, with the first volume released on October 6, 2020, and the tenth volume released on September 7, 2021.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Gripping Manga Series

Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Chainsaw Man. From December 2018 to December 2020, its first arc was serialised in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump; its second arc started serialisation in Shueisha’s Shnen Jump+ online magazine in July 2022.

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Plot Overview

The thrilling narrative of Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a young and poor devil hunter who strikes a contract with his devil partner, Pochita, a chainsaw demon. They combine to produce the powerful and renowned Chainsaw Man. The two set off on a risky trip fraught with deadly encounters and impossible difficulties.

The manga delves into issues like as friendship, sacrifice, and the struggle between good and evil. In a world where demons lurk in the shadows, threatening humanity’s safety, Denji’s search for survival and the truth behind his existence unfolds.

Understanding the Characters

1. Denji – The Protagonist

Denji / chainsaw man
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Chainsaw Man’s protagonist, Denji, is a multifaceted guy with a terrible history. Denji’s sufferings are deeply felt by readers who have lived a life of poverty and adversity. As he grapples with his newfound abilities and responsibilities, his transition into Chainsaw Man exposes us to a layered character.

2. Pochita – The Chainsaw Devil

 Chainsaw Man volumes / Pochita
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Pochita, commonly known as the Chainsaw Devil, has a special relationship with Denji. Despite his intimidating look, Pochita has a loving and loyal personality. His desire to protect Denji defines the emotional centre of the story, making him a likeable character throughout the series.

3. Makima – The Enigmatic Figure

Makima / chainsaw man
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Makima, a high-ranking devil hunter, is very important in Denji’s life. Her intriguing demeanour and ambiguous motivations contribute to the story’s fascination. Readers are continuously doubting her genuine motivations as the story progresses, making her one of the most interesting characters in Chainsaw Man.

4. Aki Hayakawa – The Stoic Hunter

chainsaw man / Aki Hayakawa
mage Credit – Fujimoto Tatsuki / google

Another important character in the story is Aki Hayakawa, a stoic devil hunter. He creates a unique and intricate relationship with Denji, who is driven by a tireless quest of justice. Their encounters illustrate the development of both characters as well as the complicated connections that drive the manga’s plot.

The Impact and Cultural Phenomenon

The success of Chainsaw Man may be attributed to its outstanding plot, well-developed characters, and breathtaking artwork. The manga has a devoted following, prompting conversations, fan theories, and fan art across several internet venues.
Chainsaw Man has caught the hearts of fans with its distinctive combination of action, humour, and emotional depth, bringing him to the top of the manga industry. Its impact on popular culture is clear, with allusions to the show appearing in a variety of media.


Finally, Chainsaw Man is a wonderful manga series that has captured readers with its riveting plot and memorable characters. With 14 volumes produced so far, Denji’s story continues to captivate admirers worldwide.

The series’ continued appeal is a tribute to the craftsmanship of Fujimoto Tatsuki and the Chainsaw Man team. As the manga progresses, viewers anticipate what exciting experiences and poignant situations await our favourite characters.

Chainsaw Man promises a rollercoaster of emotions and a memorable reading experience that will leave you wanting more, whether you’re a seasoned manga aficionado or a beginner to the medium.


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